Sell Your Items In The NFT Marketplace

NFT From Digitizing, To Drop, To Sale

NFT Creative Group takes care of everything you need in order to sell your ART, MUSIC, MEMORABILIA, COLLECTIBLES, and MORE on the NFT Marketplace. We don’t just “guide you”, we do everything for you!

Digitization And Token Creating

All you have to do is send us a quality photo of the item you want to sell, provide proof of ownership and current condition of the item in question, and we’ll do the rest! We will digitize your item and turn it into a sellable NFT token.

Platform Uploads (Called a 'Drop')

Once we’ve digitized your item and turned it into an NFT token that can be sold, we will list your item on the appropriate NFT Marketplace. Listing an item on the NFT Marketplace is called a ‘Drop’.


Marketing is an important part of making sure your NFT sells. NFT Creative Group are Marketing experts with over 20 years of digital experience. We’ve served hundreds of customers and clients with their Marketing and Public Relations needs. From multi-million dollar companies, to small mom and pop business owners.

The Sell

Once your item sells, we handle all of the transactions and send you your money. Everything is documented thoroughly and highly accounted for. Best of all, you may be able to keep your item for up to 2 years. For instance, if you have a painting hanging on your wall, you may be able keep the painting on your own wall for up to 2 years – even though that painting belongs to someone else. (Please Note: Different Rules may apply to Museums, Hall of Fame, Concert Hall’s and others – please get in touch)

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