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NFT Creative Group™ is a group of brands created in-house to serve the needs of the NFT / Web 3 community and we're proud to say that thousands of people visit the NFT Creative Group™ brands each month, from all over the world.

PFP Daily™ provides a welcoming environment for all those interested in the NFT space. We do this by providing entertainment first, and education second. Our three comic strip series, "PFP Daily Comics™" "Doc's World™", and "McCatto's™" are made up entirely of NFTs we own. Though separate and distinct as ongoing stories, each series 'co-mingles' with the other from time to time in the PFP Daily™ Universe. Taken together, the series are like 'Seinfeld' for the NFT generation.

web3v2.com - Building A Better Future, Together. web3v2™ is a career website where business can post available jobs and talent can search for jobs in web3, ar, ai, solidity, blockchain, token, metaverse, and more.

The Official NFT Dictionary provides the world's "Official NFT Dictionary™". Terms, words, phrases, and shorthand which you will often hear on your NFT journey. It's a great resource for those just starting or still "learning the language".

Web3ServiceProviders.com is just what the name says - a directory of service providers in web3.

Web3-Answers.com, our latest addition, is a question and answer website where people from all over the world can come and learn about web3, NFTs, the Blockchain, the Metaverse, Solidity, Rust, REACT, Defi and more.

RMM Publishing™ Geared towards educating children ages 3-6 (Preschool to First Grade) in how to write and recognize numbers, RMM Publishing™ (Repetition Makes Mastery) has released 259 book on Amazon using the IP of NFT Creative Group™ / PFP Daily™.

As this space continues to grow, the NFT Creative Group will grow right along with it. We look forward to our journey, and are excited to be a part of yours.

-- Paul King, founder NFT Creative Group™

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